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Give patients your undivided attention

With BASE10’s optimized infection control solution, you can refocus your resources on providing the best care possible. Nursing homes across the US have dramatically increased their regulatory compliance by bringing the BASE10’s Infection Control program in your nursing home.

The complexity of maintaining regulatory compliance

On-time and proper reporting is a major challenge in understaffed nursing homes. Adhering to every state and federal reporting requirement in a fragmented filing system often means that care personnel must dedicate entire days to fill in regulatory paperwork. Due to understaffing, intensive infection control procedures, as well as the heightened risk of infections such as norovirus, flu, and scabies outbreaks in nursing home settings, it is increasingly difficult to maintain regulatory compliance. This often leads to financial and operational burdens. Nursing homes need a streamlined end-to-end process that helps them improve regulatory compliance and reduce financial and operational burden, so they can focus on their community members. A comprehensive end-to-end solution BASE10’s infection control is made to help prevent and mitigate nursing home virus outbreaks while effortlessly reducing citations.

We make reporting easy, so care can come first

BASE10’s Infection Control is designed to prevent outbreaks in nursing homes and facilitate compliance using infection control risk assessment and automation-supported reporting tools. Our comprehensive disease management solution gives nursing home administrators and staff the tools they need to have full visibility into their populations, make data-driven clinical decisions and maintain regulatory compliance.

Successfully keeping COVID-19 at bay in nursing homes

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, BASE10 has helped hundreds of nursing homes improve their regulatory compliance. Our fully customizable platform, which includes an NHSN LTCF COVID-19 module to facilitate and centralize reporting, provides continuous surveillance to identify outbreaks early and keeps COVID from spreading. Read more about our COVID-19 response Get Started

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