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For immediate concerns, you may reach our customer and sales support at +1 (866) 710 1018 or email us at +1 (866) 710 1018 +1 (866) 710 1018 Patient Portal Pharmacists Login LTC Administrators/Providers More on Infection Control Medical/Healthcare Facilities Corporate Pharmacies More on Genomics Corporate Pharmacy Long-Term Care Facilities About Us Plexus DX Resources News and Articles Careers Medical/Healthcare Facilities Corporate Pharmacies More on Infection Control Corporate Pharmacy Long-Term Care Facilities More on Genomics About Us Plexus DX Resources News and Articles Careers Contact Us Contact Us Individuals who live with diabetes know better than anyone how
expensive it can be to manage their condition. The costs and hassle
of treatment, combined with the responsibility of taking the best
care of themselves that they can, often create a difficult situation
for them—both in and out of the workplace. In addition to treating existing diabetes—preventing obesity can
help you help your employees keep their blood sugar at healthy
levels. Join Co-Founder and COO, Robert Holton at BASE10’s upcoming
webinar to learn how combining genetic testing with an engaged
clinical team can address chronic disease management among
employees. He will be joined by Stephanie Ineman, MS, RDN, LDN,
who is the lead dietitian and Nutrition Program manager at BASE10. Learn how you can reduce your underlying risk-pool and enjoy maximum
cost savings from medication reductions. Additionally, he will
discuss how our precision medicine technology can improve employee
health outcomes and positive ROI. We know that your employees are your most valuable asset, and we’re
here to help you keep them healthy and happy so they can continue
being productive members of your team. BASE10 provides employers
with resources to help them improve, monitor, and maintain employee
health and wellness. As Co-founder and COO of BASE10 Genetics, he’s created a
business model that effectively operates within the intersection
of transformational health outcomes and positive payor ROI. Rob’s business expertise and BASE10’s proprietary technology
platforms have brought to market novel disease management solutions
for diabetes and the COVID-19 pandemic. Robert’s personal journey
with precision medicine resulted in the successful conception of
his two beautiful daughters. Stephanie brings 11 years’ experience in chronic disease
management and prevention to BASE10. Her passion lies within the
personalized approach of nutrigenomics to target individual
metabolic and therapeutic needs. Stephanie thrives on connecting
with clients to help them reach their greatest health potential.

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