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Injecting a personalized touch to precision medicine is our commitment to our community of partners and members as they journey through their health. We believe the future of medicine lies in a person-centered approach where no one human being is presumed to be the same. Utilizing the most advanced DNA technology, we help people understand their genetic potential to achieve maximum health.

The future just got closer

This is a very exciting time in the biotechnology industry and the opportunity has never been richer. In our community, you can be confident that we are committed to helping you be a part of the future of precision medicine. You’re making an investment in us by joining our community, so we make sure you have the latest in education, resources and support to help you better understand your genetics and its potential. CONTACT US

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At BASE10, we are in the business of breaking free from the mundane and providing everyone with access to personalized health that are innovative, unique, and life changing – all while helping to advance precision medicine research. We provide our members with a wide variety of ways that are designed to create collaboration opportunities and demonstrate their passion to a healthier future for all of us.

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Burning questions and concerns? Don’t see the gene bundle you want? Connect with BASE10 and we’ll work towards a solution together! CONTACT US


Base10 Network About Us

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